We incubate the decentralized future

from blueprints to global scale adoption

Web3 Ventures enables developers and entrepreneurs in bringing decentralized autonomous services to the blockchain community

Envision the decentralized economy

Investors turn into catalysts of innovation

Consumers become a community of owners

Entrepeneurs evolve into architects of the new world infrastructure

This is how we do it


We elect sustainable blockchain projects with the highest impact on fintech, logistics and supply chain industries.

  • Inception
  • Periodic Contests
  • Due Dilligence


We sponsor the success of the ICO event by taking care of all the prerequisites and preparations and applying a suitable legal framework.

  • Token Compliancy
  • Smart Contract Prototyping
  • Marketing


We oversee all steps of the development process, from fundraising to final release of the d-App to the community.

  • ICO event
  • Development
  • Scalability

We grow Web3.0 propositions from blueprints to global scale

Our own projects

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Proof of humanity

Emanuele Francioni

Vision & Execution

Fulvio Venturelli

Tech & Infrastructure

Marcel Roelants

Operation & Blockchain

Anastasia Adrianova

Governance & Strategy

Gary Quin

Investment & Fundraising

Aylon Morley

Crytocurrency & FinTech

Nicola Paolucci

Evangelism & Technology

Vezio Maggioni

Digital Payments & Smart City

Nils Kulk

Research & Development

Jeske Eenink

Community & Engagement

Filip Lacor

Project Management

Mihaela Georgieva